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New Outdoor Chi Flow Session in Borough Gardens

Join us for a new Chi Flow in the Park session at Borough Gardens on Wednesdays at 6pm. A great way to de-stress, recharge and calm after a busy day. We will also be there on Sundays nice and early at 9am for a bright start to the day! Click here to find out more and...

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Online Introduction to Chanting Workshop

10.30am - 12pm Saturday 24th September 2022 via Zoom "Chanting takes me back to my younger self. When I felt free and innocent."Lisa, Chanting Class member Join Françoise for a 90 minutes workshop via Zoom to introduce our unique Shinsundo Chi chants. These melodic...

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Past Events Impact Us Today

Join us for a FREE Ancestral Pathways talk at 7pm Tuesday 27th September about how the actions of our Ancestors and previous generations can affect and influence our current day health and success. We understand that the energy from past events and human actions feed...

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Energy Connections & Interlinking Networks

People are connected. We are all part of a community. This means that as we change our energy and become stronger, happier and healthier, we can have more positive impacts on those around us. We can in turn help other people feel brighter, happier and more motivated...

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Build Your Personal Chi Zone Toolkit for Life

The Chi Zone and its Practitioners are here to help you feel healthier, stronger and brighter in yourself. Our Chi Classes and Courses can teach you how to manage your health more holistically and beneficially for you. Choose from the techniques you learn to create...

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What is Chi?

Understanding Energetic Influences Chi is life-force energy, usually invisible, and when we have abundant Chi we can use it to create what we wish for. During our daily routine, we may respond to another person’s Chi (personal energy). Whenever we are near them...

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