Good Health = An Active Life

Our classes teach you exercises, breathing techniques and Chi methods to better control stresses, negative energies and clear blocks for a calmer and stronger life.

Regular practice can help you improve your mobility, balance and strength in just a few sessions. Plus recharge your energy levels, create greater personal awareness of both negative and positive influences around you as well as build stronger personal resilience. We also stream some of our classes so you can join us via Zoom.

Our in-person classes at The Chi Zone are small group sessions with up to six participants plus tutor. Seated movement sessions may accommodate more participants.

We ask you to book in advance so we can advise you of any changes to the class e.g. change of location or cancellation. Also, for indoor sessions there is limited availability due to size of room so those that have booked will have priority. You can check your current bookings by logging in to your account at

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Private Chi Flow Sessions

For those looking for a more tailored approach, we suggest booking a private Chi Flow session or course with Incheol or Françoise.

These specialised one-to-one sessions can be wider ranging in content and depth as well as support faster personal progress.

Indoor Chi Flow Sessions

Join our friendly groups in a calming and energising session to clear, move and recharge Chi both within and around us. Led by Korean-trained Chi Master Practitioners Incheol and Françoise Ha.

Mondays 9.45am and 5.30pm with Incheol

Tuesdays 1pm with Incheol

Thursdays 9.45am with Françoise

Chair Chi Flow Classes

This is a class for those with limited mobility or who prefer to sit during their session.

Tuesdays 10.30am seated session with Incheol

Shinsundochi Martial Arts Classes

Join Incheol for an active non-contact martial arts session.

Thursdays 5.45pm with Incheol

Chi Flow Together
Chi Flow Outdoors

Outdoor Chi Flow Sessions

Throughout the year we run Chi Flow sessions outdoors.

Join our friendly groups in a calming and energising session to clear, move and recharge Chi both within and around us. Led by Incheol and Françoise Ha.

9am Sundays at Borough Gardens, Dorchester centre

“I have been going to The Chi Zone for 9 months now.  Having started with Chi Flow on the Great Field, then indoors in the studio.  I am now going to the new Martial Arts class.  I love it.  The sense of improvement and wellbeing, the flow of the movements and improvement.  Most of all I just find it fun.  I smile the whole time.

I am a reasonably fit 60 year old and feel the class is for any generation, young or old as your body is your own to move and enjoy.”


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