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Our classes teach you exercises, breathing techniques and Chi methods to better control stresses, negative energies and clear blocks so you can live a happier and calmer life.

Regular practice can help you recharge your energy levels, create greater personal awareness of both negative and positive influences around you as well as build stronger personal resilience.

Our in-person classes at The Chi Zone are small group sessions with up to six participants plus tutor. Chanting sessions may have more participants as there are no movements involved.

We also stream our classes so you can join us via Zoom.

For private classes tailored to your personal goals and situation, please click here.

Incheol Ha, Chi Master Practitioner, talks about Chi Classes and how they work

Chi Flow Together

Weekly Classes

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Chi Flow Class

Recharge and rebalance all year round. 45 mins sessions moving through a slow sequence of Chi movements. In the calming and beautiful environment of The Chi Zone.

Chi Flow in Group

Chi Flow in the Park

45 mins sessions. We go outdoors come rain or shine, to learn a sequence of slow Chi movements to clear negative energy from body and mind and recharge with bright, positive Chi.

Chi Flow in the Park

Family Chi Flow

For parent/carer plus young person – 45 mins movement and meditation sessions for greater calmness, balance, self-control and individual resilience. Pianoscapes for meditation.

Family Chi Flow

Chi Squares Class

A more dynamic one hour session focusing on Chi Squares  – non-contact martial arts sequences – to clear and recharge.

Chi Square Group

Chi Evolve Class

One hour of calming, recharging and energising through movement, voice and sound. This session will evolve each week.

Group Meditating

Power Chi Class for Men

Created specifically for men, this Chi Class works through dynamic and more considered martial arts inspired movements and Chi Flow sequences to build greater power, strength and calm both physically and mentally.


Seated Chi Flow Class

Improve flexibility in upper body and core. Movements and breathing exercises are tailored to those with limited mobility including those with MS and in wheelchairs.

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Chanting Class

Use your voice and intention to calm and clear mental energies. Open up your main energy centres so Chi can flow more freely and in balance throughout your body.

Chanting in a group

Shinsun Yoga

Through Yoga movement and directed Chi guidance you can recharge, clear negative energy, release held habitual patterns and find a deeper connection to your true nature.

Ness Yoga pose

Chi Square Group
Chanting in a group

Finding myself at home in Dorchester unexpectedly one summer Sunday I headed to Chi in the Park not sure what to expect.

I got a warm welcome and some lovely gentle movements. I kept going back and just really enjoyed the movements, the sessions and the people. It soon started to feel like a new habit, one that I wanted to maintain.

As a scientist and natural sceptic I am trying, occasionally, to reconcile my enjoyment with the concept of Chi. However, I now miss it when I don’t go. And life has been improving since I’ve been going, which could just be a lucky coincidence of course.  It’s great to push out all that negative energy, my favourite move!


Medical Professional

The Intro to Chanting Workshop was a very well organised workshop with a good time frame.

I really felt the benefits of the session hi-lighting the Korean culture and language in relation to the chants and understanding the different energies to work in harmony with you and your well-being.



Join us for more detailed and in-depth discussion about Chi and your health. Choose from regular workshops led by Incheol or Françoise Ha.

Access 24/7 so you can clear, recharge and brighten how you feel anytime.