The physical origins of our life come from our parents. Their health and strength determines ours.

A strong and healthy body and a clear, bright mind are not a given and each person has a variety of strengths and weaknesses of body and character when they are born.

Our body may be given to us by our parents but our personal strength, intelligence and abilities are also influenced by our family’s energy and karma; sometimes going back generations.

This can make some people luckier in life whilst others may struggle to achieve their dreams.

However, there are ways to strengthen our body and to open up blocked pathways in our life. Once we start to understand the energetic links between ourselves and the world around us, we can take action to clear brighter paths forward.

Our emotions can go up and down according to events happening in our life, but we can start to take greater control of how we are feeling when we strengthen our energetic core. We can feel more stable, stronger and confident we can find a better way forward. This is the purpose of the classes and courses at The Chi Zone. To give you greater control of yourself, your emotions and your health for a stronger and happier life.

Working together we can build brighter pathways for today and tomorrow

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