I was talking to some students about the importance of clearing out the stresses and tensions that we pick up each day from other people, places etc. About how important it is to have a daily Chi routine to rebalance and recharge before going to sleep. So we wake refreshed, motivated and ready for the day ahead.

A student likened this to her email inbox. If she doesn’t delete old emails then they just sit there in her inbox, gathering dust. Over the years this can build to thousands upon thousands…

It’s a similar situation with our mind and body. We have to care for it each day in order for it to do its best for us, so we can go out into the world and do what we want to. But to do this, we need a method/routine to clear out the built-up emotions and physical tension/stresses that we absorb during our daily life; that we retain like a sponge. If we don’t take preventative action our bodily systems can get blocked, bloated and slow down, reducing healing capacity and strength as the body focuses on keeping the main vital functions of the body working.

We are only using a fraction of our self-healing abilities and capacity; maybe because we don’t know and maybe because we don’t try. But there is so much support available to us in this world should we reach out and try. To keep mind and body healthy, active and happy.

Working together we can build our inner strength, clarity and resilience for life.

Fran├žoise Ha, Chi Master Practitioner

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