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Are you in physical pain or discomfort?

Spinal or postural issues?

Emotionally tired, stressed or overwhelmed?

Looking for holistic, energetic and practical health solutions?

Give us a call to find out how we can help you build stronger health now and for the longer-term.

Why Choose Us

Complementary health activities support long-term health.

We work holistically, looking at your health as a whole; mind and body together.

We help you create more mental-physical connections for greater body control + strength.

We help you move energy more positively and directionally in your life to achieve your goals.

Françoise & Incheol

Françoise Ha and Incheol Ha are experienced therapists and teachers who can support you to achieve your health goals both in the short and longer term.

We believe that good health is a responsive, not static, state of being. With the appropriate therapeutic approach, stimuli and personal action we can improve both our physical and mental health for the longer term whatever our age.

We offer one-to-one health support via hands-on therapies, tailored exercise and advanced Chi programmes. Supporting you with postural and musculoskeletal issues as well as emotional and energetic rebalancing.

Incheol and Françoise also run weekly group exercise classes in Dorchester and Weymouth.

Home therapy visits in the Dorchester, Weymouth areas and further afield can be arranged as well as online sessions.


Our Services

Relieving pain, stress and tiredness is at the core of what we do. Click here to read more about Chi Acupressure Therapy, Spiral Stabilization Method and EMMETT Technique.

One-to-one therapy + exercise programmes greatly benefit those looking for a more personal approach. Build your health week-by-week, addressing your priorities with individual therapist support.

Clearing and strengthening your personal energy profile is vital for building and maintaining good mental, emotional health and stability. Discover the principles and methods of good energetic health.

Join our friendly group exercise classes. Improve your posture, balance, core strength and mind-body co-ordination. Benefit from exercises and guidance to clear, recharge and calm mind and body.

Clare, Teacher

“When I’ve done my Spiral exercises, I feel that I’ve checked in with my body. It feels good! It’s that awareness which I don’t do at any other time during the day. Before I was hoping my body would hold up, but now I am actively helping my body to function more effectively.”


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Let’s Grow!

One of the keys to better long-term health is a deeper understanding of what we can do on a daily basis to help ourselves.

Françoise and Incheol can help you create strengthening health routines to benefit you for the longer-term.

We can advise which exercises are good for your body and those which may give more wear and tear than benefit in the the long-run. It isn’t always as obvious as you may think.

Finding Balance

There is so much information out there… it can be too much at times. How do you know what is really going to work for you long-term? We can help you make a better health plan for a healthier present and future.

Fulfilling Potential

Looking after our physical and emotional health is key to being able to make our ideas a reality. We help you cultivate your mental clarity and physical strength in order to make things happen.

Making Changes

As we introduce new routines and approaches, step by step we feel calmer, stronger and more in control of our life.

Being Happy

Life can be challenging but we can manage it positively and pro-actively. When we have a greater understanding of how to look after our health plus the tools to practically do so, we can feel HAPPY whatever our age and circumstance.

Our Therapists

Together We Can

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 Registered Member of Complementary Health Professionals

Incheol photo

About Incheol Ha

Incheol become a therapist after experiencing his own back pain issues. He realised that good health was the cornerstone to a happy and fulfilling life and he wanted to help others recover their health too. This prompted him to follow in the footsteps of his father and train as a Chi Master, Therapist & Chi Teacher in the mountains of South Korea more than 25 years ago.

Ever since, Incheol has enjoyed sharing how we can improve our health by living in greater harmony and unity with nature and its powerful energetic forces. Chi Acupressure Therapy combined with the EMMETT Technique is beneficial for releasing deeply held physical and mental stress. Plus Incheol teaches Chi movements and mental techniques to help you clear negative energies and blocks, as well as Chi martial arts to more dynamically move energy. 

Incheol is also a qualified Spiral Stabilization Therapist which supports his rehabilitation work for those with spinal, joint and postural issues. This manual stretching therapy together with focused resistance based exercises are effective in reawakening and retraining spiral muscle groups to work in synchronisation as well as supporting better energy flow throughout the body.

Via hands-on therapy, tailored exercises and a deeper understanding of the foundations of good health, Incheol can put you on the path to stronger long-term health both physically and mentally.

Family Chi Flow

About Françoise Ha

Françoise began her career in the corporate world before returning to her love of music and the piano. She was then drawn to developing her understanding of mind-body connections and how we can take control of our personal health. This led to Françoise completing her training as a Chi Master, Therapist and Chi Teacher in South Korea over 16 years ago. Françoise recognises the benefits of combining Chi Acupressure with the EMMETT Technique in her therapy sessions, helping the body to deeper release muscle tension and stress.

Françoise is also a qualified Spiral Stabilization Therapist and values these resistance based exercises and manual therapy as key to relieving back pain and postural issues longer-term. This body focused training method complements her energy work as it stretches and strengthens the physical body and its muscular structure to work more fluidly and in central alignment. Spiral Stabilization also supports greater awareness of our own physical structure, stability and mobility.

Françoise enjoys tailoring her approach to the individual to help you rebalance and strengthen your energetic, emotional and physical self. She uses a variety of methods to improve your mind-body health: physical therapy, physical and mental exercises plus the healing power of music. 

In addition, as an experienced pianist, teacher and member of the ISM, Françoise is well placed to support musicians with targeted mobility, flexibility and muscle control issues.

Alison, young mum

“I feel so good. I felt like I had been under a dark cloud and then it just cleared… it was gone! I could see it was a beautiful morning. I woke up so light and happy to hear the birds. I can’t thank you enough.”


Françoise emanates care and positivity and pays so much attention to you as an individual tailoring the programme/protocol to meet your individual needs.  She ensures that the body is positioned correctly at all times so that the exercises can be practised safely at home.


I am now going to the Martial Arts class.  I love it.  The sense of improvement and wellbeing, the flow of the movements and improvement.  Most of all I just find it fun.  I smile the whole time.


“Just a quick thank you for today, so beneficial; really changes the mind set!”


Through the energy work that Francoise provides alongside the postural exercises, I have also noticed that my energy levels and clarity of mind have improved giving me a renewed sense of vitality.”



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