Too many people have poor posture, spinal issues and joint pain because they sit a lot and are not accurately synchronising the movement of muscles throughout their body. This also leads to an unstable and ineffective walking and running style or gait, which re-inforces poor posture and joint issues.

However when we train our body’s muscles to work in connected spiral chains, we realign our body’s posture from head to toe. From the active movement of our shoulder girdle to how we use our foot arch, Spiral Stabilization exercises and manual therapy bring our body back into alignment. We learn how to strengthen the weaker muscles and stretch the tighter muscles.

With just 10-15 minutes exercise once or twice a day you can transform how you feel in your body.

Talk to Françoise or Incheol, Spiral Stabilization Therapists, about how you can release pressure on your spine and re-active your spiral muscle chains. For a stronger, more flexible body that does what you need it to do… and keeps going on and on and on and on…

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