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We are pleased to stock a range of MooGoo products at The Chi Zone. They have been specially formulated for those with sensitive skin, including eczema. There are also baby specific products and natural sunscreen which we can usually source within 2-3 business days.

Françoise has personal experience of MooGoo’s range of products and their benefits as she has had sensitive skin, including eczema from a young age. You can book a free appointment with Françoise to discuss and test the MooGoo products at The Chi Zone.

MooGoo has a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

“I had a persistent patch of eczema in between my fingers. It never got better with Cortizone and kept returning. I was given some Moo Goo Udder cream and sensitive skin balm which I used for three days. I have not needed to reapply 3 weeks later, very impressed! Smell is divine, lacking the overpowering artificial scents of some creams!


MooGoo Eczema with Ceramides Moisturiser
Fast Hydrating Lotion

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Tester Products

We have tester versions available of our MooGoo products for you to try when you visit The Chi Zone. We may also have a sample sachet that you can take home to try. We recommend patch testing if you have allergies etc.

Click here to view details of the MooGoo products we normally stock. We can also order in any MooGoo product and size – just ask!

Click & Collect

We do not currently offer delivery or shipping. But you can order and pay online and we will email you once your order is ready to collect from us. You can arrange collection from us at one of our classes or when you come for your next appointment.

Click here to order MooGoo products for Click & Collect.

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