Do you need a daily Chi routine?

Do you feel any of the following: tired, can’t get to sleep, in pain, grumpy, easy to upset, unsettled, overwhelmed, emotionally up and down, body feels stiff and inflexible, find it hard to concentrate or clear your thoughts?

Do you feel like you are you a shadow of yourself? Are you missing your spark, your joie de vivre?

How often do you clear out the stresses from the day?

How often do you clear your personal energy?

Do you know how to clear your personal energy effectively? To take control of how you are feeling and regain your balance and equilibrium quickly?



Every day you:


Go to the toilet

Wash your hands (we hope)


At least once a week you:

Wash your clothes



Sometimes you:

Clean your house

Wash your bedding

Eat out with friends/family

These routines cover the physical aspect of life. Now what about the energetic? How do you deal with the invisible impacts that you can’t see but you can feel. The feelings you get when you are with other people. The complaints, the stresses and demands that others throw your way? These negative energies can make you feel depleted, tired, depressed and worn out with not enough time in the day for you to enjoy life as a real person, with real feelings.

How often do you clear your energy?





Are you effective at clearing your energy?


Need more practice

No – need help

Not Sure

Washing machine

What happens to all the stresses and negative energies that you pick up and absorb each day?

Do they continue to build up over time or do you clear them out?

How do you recharge your personal energy levels e.g. are you tired a lot, find it difficult to sleep, experience aches and pains or headaches regularly, get annoyed/upset easily?

At The Chi Zone, we help you to control and better manage the daily stresses that get thrown at you.

We show you techniques and methods you can use anytime to stabilise how you are feeling wherever you may be e.g. at your desk, at work, at home, sitting on the bus, at a party, shopping. There is always something you can do to help you feel calmer, happier and stronger. You just need to know what you can do and then take action. It doesn’t happen magically. You have to do something.

Benefit from a daily Chi routine

Develop a daily Chi routine e.g. 7pm session where you practise clearing your energy and recharging from the day. Practise your Chi movements or chant. Even 10 mins a day can make a huge difference with a Chi Squares sequence.

Want to feel happier and more in control of your life? Connect with The Chi Zone.

Join one of our group Chi classes or book a private session where Incheol and Françoise can show you how to stabilise your energy and better control negative energy that comes your way, wherever you may be.

Click here to view and book our upcoming group sessions, click here to send us a message to find out more or call Françoise on 0330 1331 034 for a confidential discussion.

Master Ha with client in Chi Flow Class

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