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Chi Zone Therapy Consultation

Welcome to The Chi Zone, a beautiful and calming space in the heart of Poundbury, Dorset created by Incheol Ha and Françoise Ha, Korean-trained Chi Master Practitioners. Here you can enjoy a comfortable therapy room plus a modern and airy studio for movement classes, workshops and courses.

We offer group sessions as well as more personalised one-to-one support to help you strengthen your mental and physical health for the longer-term. We support you to regain greater harmony and balance in body and mind for a happier and healthier life.

If you live further away join us online via Zoom. We also offer retreats at The Chi Zone over a number of days to intensively boost your physical and mental health in-person with Chi Zone Therapy, Chi movement classes and additional personalised Chi sessions. Please contact us in confidence to find out how we can help you.

Telephone: 0330 1331 034 or click here to email us.


“When I walked into the The Chi Zone for the first time, the energy just hit me. A wall of energetic power. It is so strong, clear and peaceful.

You just don’t experience energy like that in normal daily life.

I understand what you’re working with when I walk into this amazing space!”


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Chi Zone Therapy Clinic

Seated Therapy Session

Looking for pain relief and help to improve your health?

In pain? Unexplained pain? Feeling tired? Headaches, migraines, joint ache, injury… Chi Zone Therapy is a powerful and effective method utilising acupressure and sound for both short and longer-term physical and mental clearing and self-healing.

Group Sessions


Chi Flow Class

Learn a sequence of slow Chi movements to unlock tension and improve mobility throughout the whole body. Calming and de-stressing for all ages from 12 years to 85 yrs+. Both indoors and outdoors sessions available.

Click here for Chi Flow in the Park sessions.

Click here for indoor Chi Flow sessions.


Chi Flow in the Park


Chi Squares Class

One hour dynamic movement class with short chanting to start. Class focuses on Chi Squares (non-contact martial arts movements) to clear stress, blocked energy and recharge both physically and mentally. A short meditation to calm and balance energies at the end.

This is an active class for those wanting more of a physical workout with the mental challenge too!

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Calm Your Mind, Strengthen Your Body

Shinsundo Chi Class

De-stress, rebalance and calm your mental and physical energies. Reconnect your body to work in greater  harmony with your personal energy flow.

A one-hour class to retune your energy to bright Chi with chanting, slow Chi Flow movement sequences, plus more dynamic Chi Squares movements (non-contact martial arts) finishing with a calming meditation.

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Master Ha with client in Chi Flow Class

Chi Zone for Youngsters/Teens

Led by Françoise, these 45 mins sessions help youngsters/teens to de-stress, rebalance and calm their energies.

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Chanting Class

Our 30mins Chanting sessions can help you to calm your mental energy as well as open up your main energy centres so Chi can flow more freely and in balance throughout your body.  

We chant unique Shinsundo Chi chants to calm, clear and refocus our mind and thinking. To deepen our awareness and perceptions so we can make brighter decisions and feel more positive in ourselves going forward. Suitable for beginners and those with experience.

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Master Ha Chanting

Shinsun Yoga Class

Through Yoga movement and directed Chi guidance you can recharge, clear negative energy, release held habitual patterns and find a deeper connection to your true nature. Classes led by Ness Sherry.

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Workshops, Courses & Events


Book your Chi Workshop led by Incheol Ha or Françoise Ha.

Discover more about Chi and how it affects your everyday life.

These sessions are tailored to the participants and their interests with time for group discussion and Q&A.

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Françoise gathering Chi movement

Chi Immersion Days and Half-Days


Chi Immersion Days and Half-Days

During the month of August, we offer multiple workshops on one day so you can immerse yourself in a whole day or half-day of Chi of clearing, rebalancing and recharging.

Choose to attend one, two, three or four workshops. This is a wonderful opportunity to maximise the benefits of your visit to The Chi Zone, especially should you live further away.

Led by experienced Chi Master Practitioners Incheol Ha or Françoise Ha.

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Our Chi courses help you to build your resilience and strength in an ever-changing world.

These programmes can help you sustain motivation and focus to help you clear, rebalance and recharge your personal energies.

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Ancestral Energy Programmes


Ancestral Energy Programmes

Incheol and Françoise Ha have created unique Ancestral Energy Programmes to release the energetic connections and imprints from the past which continue to affect our lives and the lives of our families today.

Discover how the actions of previous generations and our Ancestors can affect and influence our current day health and success.

Understand how to reduce the impact of the negative connections and consequences and how to build on the positive for a happier and more fulfilling life.

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Sphere of Energy Links

FREE Events

These FREE events are a great opportunity to meet Incheol Ha and Françoise Ha and hear them talk about how to clear, strengthen and rebalance your personal energy levels (Chi).

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One-to-One Sessions & Programmes

1-1 Class
Master Ha with client meditating

Looking for a more tailored approach?

Incheol and Françoise offer private Chi movement sessions and programmes where we focus purely on your priorities.

We can tailor programmes of sessions over a period of time to help you sustain motivation. When new content is introduced we include a 30 mins video after the private session so you can practise at home for greater progress.

These one-to-one sessions allow us to tailor movements and content to your capabilities and  goals. We can make sessions more dynamic or slow things down to help you learn more effectively at your own pace.

We can include or exclude elements that appeal to you more, such as more/less chanting, movements, meditation, Chi Flow, Chi Steps or Chi Squares etc.

We consult with you regularly to ensure we are helping you move forward at the pace that works for you.

Françoise also offers private sessions to help families build deeper understanding, connection, balance and harmony between each other. This can be an exploratory session or become a more involved progression where Françoise works with both child and parent to explore and open brighter energy pathways in the family.

Please get in touch with us to find out more. We offer a free informal consultation either on the telephone or at The Chi Zone for you to meet Françoise and discuss your goals.


Clear ~ Rebalance ~ Calm 24/7

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On Demand Chi Therapy Sessions

Feeling tired, stressed, frustrated, annoyed, angry, depleted? In Pain, headaches, body stiffness and aches? Can’t relax, can’t sleep?

 Click here to read more about the powerful, clearing and calming effects of Chi Therapy Online with Chi Master Practitioner Incheol Ha. 

Available 24/7. Use anytime, anywhere on computer, tablet or mobile.

Understanding Energetic Influences

Chi is life-force energy, usually invisible, and when we have abundant Chi we can use it to create what we wish for.

During our daily routine, we may respond to another person’s Chi (personal energy). Whenever we are near them or in conversation with them their energy can connect to us and affect how we feel and act. This can either boost or deplete our personal energy levels.

Additionally, when our personal energy system becomes blocked, damaged or drained, Chi cannot circulate properly or be used effectively. We can find our emotions and physical health lower in brightness and capability. We can find it difficult to think clearly and may experience less positive events occurring in our life.

However, by clearing negative and blocked energy that has accumulated within and around us. By recharging ourselves with bright Chi, we can start to release the tiredness, pain and stress from our life. We can find a clearer, brighter present and future both physically and mentally. These are the aims of our therapies, classes and courses at The Chi Zone.

Building resilience and wellbeing together


The core of a happy and fulfilled life is good mental and physical health, and therefore building, maintaining and protecting this lies at the heart of everything we do.

Whatever your situation, wherever you are, we are here to help you take the next step forward.

We combine ancient knowledge fused with a practical approach designed for modern life.


Working together we can build brighter pathways for today and tomorrow

Master Ha at Great Field

Building a Brighter Today & Tomorrow for You