Claire’s story:

“Having suffered with lower back pain for some years and trying to find a treatment which would help me has been a real problem until I discovered The Chi Zone.

Apart from attending their park flow sessions in Dorchester and thoroughly enjoying and benefitting from being outside and surrounded by wildlife in an uplifting environment I also discovered they offer Spiral Stabilization.

Curious to find out more I booked myself in for 5 sessions with Françoise. I cannot recommend this treatment enough, it has done wonders for my back, each day I see and feel an improvement with my mobility and posture and definitely less pain in the lower back.

I have been given a set of exercises to do and I really look forward to doing them usually twice a day as I know it is doing me good and giving me relief. Françoise is very knowledgeable and adapts the exercises to suit me. I also receive as part of the session chi acupressure and in a session where I mentioned I could feel a slight pain in the right side of my back Françoise worked on the area doing chi acupressure and it was like a miracle. I got off the couch and the pain had vanished. I can honestly say that Spiral Stabilization  has been so beneficial, the results have been great and I will continue to enjoy doing my exercises as the whole body gains from the stretching and improved posture. Thank you very much.”

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