Chi is life-force energy, usually invisible, and when we have sufficient Chi we can use it to create and do things in this world.

During our daily routine, we may respond to another person’s Chi (personal energy). Whenever we are near them or in conversation with them their energy can connect to us and affect how we feel and act. This can either boost or deplete our personal energy levels. Effectively either recharging or draining our inner battery. Understanding and being able to manage these energetic and emotional influences is key to how we can live a happier and more productive life.

When our personal energy system becomes blocked, damaged or drained, Chi cannot circulate properly or be used effectively. We can find our emotions and physical health lower in brightness and capability. We can find it difficult to think clearly and may experience less positive events occurring in our life.

When we take positive action to clear negative energies that are with us, we can start to release the tiredness, pain and stress from our life.

Now we are in a place where we can build a clearer, brighter present and future for ourselves and those around us. We feel stronger, clearer and have the energy to move forward and enjoy life.

These are the aims of the therapies, classes and courses at The Chi Zone.

“Let’s live a healthier, stronger life.”

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