A Way Forward

Modern Life

We are living in challenging times. The world is becoming more and more chaotic. Environmental pollution is increasingly detrimental to our health and affects not just the atmosphere we breathe, but also lowers the quality of the food that we eat which in turn depletes our physical health.

Today there is greater disharmony between people, even in families. There is more anger and other negative emotions being shared with others. It is hard not to be affected and so more and more people are unwittingly following this flow of negative energy.

Unknown to most, every day human beings are being affected by spirit energy connected to their family’s history and karma, as well as spirit connections they are making as individuals during their daily lives. Mankind has a constant battle to maintain its mental and physical equilibrium, strength and clarity. Peace of mind is not easy to achieve and is often impossible in this tumultuous world.

For a Brighter Future

However Heaven Chunjonim has given humanity a way forward to manage the disruptive energies in this world, so we can regain our original brightness and navigate the challenges in this world. There is so much negative energy to clear in this world in order for humanity now and in future generations to be able to live in peace and harmony with each other.

Shinsundo Chi Methodology

There are four main ways that Chunjonim is trying to help humanity regain its brightness and clarity of mind, body and spirit:

1) Chi Treatments (Chunsoo)

A method to clear negative energy affecting an individual.

2) Chi Training Classes

Structured courses utilising chants, movements and meditation for individuals to clear and recharge their own energy system to better manage daily life.

3) Ancestor Ceremonies 

A series of sacred ceremonies that show our respect and gratitude to Chunjonim, Divinites and Ancestors. Through an individual’s sincere effort and determination, spirits can brighten their energy and clear their negative connections to humankind. This in turn supports the descendants to find clarity and strength in this world.

4) Chanting

A daily way to connect to Chunjonim’s energy, regain focus and keep determination to achieve our wishes.


It is not easy to live brightly in modern life. However, when we have a clear vision of who we want to be, we can tune to Chunjonim’s energy to help us to return to our original self. We may need the support and guidance of others on the way, but with self determination and persistence, regardless of any obstacles that may be in our way, in the end we can finally achieve peace in ourselves and return to our original nature as a bright human being.