Chi Minutes Videos

Bringing out the Best In You

Incheol and Françoise Ha have created these Chi Minutes videos to help you clear out the stresses and tension that can accumulate during our daily lives. They are called Chi Minutes videos as they take from two to five minutes to complete. You can repeat them when you want to deepen their effect.

These Chi exercises are also used in our group Chi classes and our 1:1 sessions, so these videos can give you an idea of what to expect. We also have more dynamic movements and Chi sequences to show you too!

We recommend setting a regular time each day to check and rebalance your energy levels. Alternatively you could link the timing of your Chi exercises with another activity you do each day e.g. before or after your shower.

Follow these videos to take control of your personal energy state and create greater calmness within and without.

Introducing Incheol Ha

Incheol is a 2nd generation Chi Master Practitioner and Teacher.

Chi Master for 25+ years

Trained in mountains of South Korea

Develop your connection to nature's energies

Calm Head Stress

This Chi Minutes video can help you to:

Release stress and tension affecting your head

Bring calming waves of energy into your body

Rebalance and calm your mind

The Personal Approach

1:1 Exercise Sessions

Standing tall on a hill

Short on time but want to look after your health more effectively?

Talk to us about a personalised exercise/therapy programme that can help you achieve your health goals for the longer-term.

Specialist health guidance and support

Session times convenient for you and your schedule

In-person or Zoom sessions - flexibility when you need it.


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