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Improved Posture, Mobility & Back Pain Relief

“Having suffered with lower back pain for some years and trying to find a treatment which would help me has been a real problem until I discovered The Chi Zone.

Apart from attending their park flow sessions in Dorchester and thoroughly enjoying and benefitting from being outside and surrounded by wildlife in an uplifting environment I also discovered they offer Spiral Stabilization.

Curious to find out more I booked myself in for 5 sessions with Françoise. I cannot recommend this treatment enough, it has done wonders for my back, each day I see and feel an improvement with my mobility and posture and definitely less pain in the lower back.

I have been given a set of exercises to do and I really look forward to doing them usually twice a day as I know it is doing me good and giving me relief. Françoise is very knowledgeable and adapts the exercises to suit me. I also receive as part of the session chi acupressure and in a session where I mentioned I could feel a slight pain in the right side of my back Françoise worked on the area doing chi acupressure and it was like a miracle. I got off the couch and the pain had vanished. I can honestly say that Spiral Stabilization  has been so beneficial, the results have been great and I will continue to enjoy doing my exercises as the whole body gains from the stretching and improved posture. Thank you very much.”


“Having experienced tinnitus in both ears for many years without relief, I was delighted to find that after a Chi Accupressure Therapy session the noise was much reduced.

Six weeks later the tinnitus is still very low key and hardly noticeable even in stressful situations.”


Really enjoyed the session in the gardens today; my organs and energy has felt a great benefit from it too!

I’ll look forward to the next session and will be recommending you to my practice members to assist their healing alongside their chiropractic care ??



“I have been going to The Chi Zone for 9 months now.  Having started with Chi Flow on the Great Field, then indoors in the studio.  I am now going to the new Martial Arts class.  I love it.  The sense of improvement and wellbeing, the flow of the movements and improvement.  Most of all I just find it fun.  I smile the whole time.

I am a reasonably fit 60 year old and feel the class is for any generation, young or old as your body is your own to move and enjoy.”


“A note of appreciation for the treatment yesterday which has eased the back tremendously.”


“Thank you for teaching me the Spiral exercises. Over the last couple of months they have strengthened my back and enabled me to move more freely without having to take pain killers. I can see how important it is to do the exercises daily and regularly to reap the benefits.”



“The course was a wonderful recommendation for me to maintain the healing and work done in my one-on-one sessions.

I really appreciated the option to attend online when I cannot attend in person.

I very much enjoy the mix of chanting, movement and meditation in the Chi Evolve Class and how Françoise made it feel so personal for everyone attending.
Such calming energy in class and such an attentive teacher.

All around wonderful.”


“The last Chi Therapy session helped immensely… I know this was so beneficial to me. 



Improved Balance, Posture & Muscle Tone

“I so enjoyed my Chi  Flow class this morning. Francoise is so knowledgeable and enthusiastic and she inspires me!

I learnt the benefits of Chi Squares and also some therapy.  Having had two replacement knees and one hip Francoise showed me some exercises to improve my balance, posture and muscle tone.

I left feeling great and always sleep well after my Chi lessons and also what she has achieved with me.”