As we become ever more reliant on technology and computers we can find ourselves moving further away from our innate creative ability and connection to nature and this Earth.

Technology has its place, but as a servant to the people rather than as its master. However, technology and the internet can become another form of addiction which drains our energy, and can limit our motivation to create wonderful things in the real, physical world.

Technology appears to speed life up but it can actually do the opposite and stifle creativity and physical achievement.

People matter. People came before technology and our health should come before computers. It may be time to review the time you spend on technology and check it is serving you for the better and not the other way round. Are you taking enough breaks and looking after your physical health? Are you overusing technology when you don’t need to?

When did you last try drawing a picture on a piece of paper rather than looking at other people’s creations on the internet? When did you last congratulate yourself on creating something from scratch? Maybe you do this all the time. Maybe you could do more… Humanity can be capable of amazing creativity. Are you using your abilities to the full? Are you making time for you to enjoy part of your day for you, to explore your creativity? To look inward and bring your creativity and brightness out into this world for you – and maybe others too – to see and enjoy.

Working together we can build our inner strength, clarity and resilience for life.

Françoise Ha, Chi Master Practitioner

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