How would  you describe Chi Therapy to someone who has never had a treatment before?

I would describe Chi as a relaxing, healing treatment focusing on breath work and energy – giving you the time out to focus on both your body’s mental and physical needs.

Name of Chi Practitioner: Ruth Mitchell

Chi Therapy Sessions: Remote sessions via Skype/Telephone

How many treatments have you had so far? 6

What symptoms did you have before starting treatments?

Chronic lethargy, headaches, body ache, breathlessness, exhaustion, migraines, cough, loss of taste/smell, brain fog/lack of concentration.

How did you feel mentally and emotionally before starting treatments?

Exhausted both mentally and emotionally as well as physically.

Have you tried other therapies for your symptoms?

Not tried any other therapies.

How do you feel now after your treatments?

I found the treatments with Ruth like a big warm blanket around my soul and mind. Even the very simple fact of stopping and taking time out of my stressful days to focus on myself and my breathing was so healing for me. Ruth has a very soothing energy and makes you feel cared for and safe both physically, mentally and emotionally.

Have you noticed paths opening up for you since starting treatments?

Even after the first couple of treatments I found I had more energy to focus on things in life I had not had to strength to face previously. Equally, the treatments allowed me to also relax and heal. Often I would allow some time immediately after the treatment to have a power nap and found I could sleep soundly, feeling energised afterwards and able to concentration on the rest of the day.

Is there anything else you would like to mention about your Chi Practitioner?

Ruth is a born healer. The energy she puts into these treatments is unmatched, I felt so safe and cared for in her hands. She has a beautiful aura that you will immediately connect with and I can not recommend her enough.

Would you recommend Chi Therapy to others? Strongly agree