How would  you describe Chi Therapy to someone who has never had a treatment before?

A soothing experience once you get over your initial anxiety/nervousness at trying something new. It can release blocks that you didn’t know were there until they’re removed. I have always found that I have more clarity following a treatment.

Name of Chi Practitioner: Incheol Ha

Chi Therapy Sessions: Remote sessions via Skype/Telephone

What symptoms did you have before starting treatments?

I didn’t notice any particular physical symptoms.

How did you feel mentally and emotionally before starting treatments?

I was feeling confused, anxious and frustrated with things that I have limited influence over.

Have you tried other therapies for your symptoms?

This has only happened in the last week and the online session was my first thought.

How do you feel now after your treatments?

I’m feeling much calmer. Situations haven’t changed but I feel much more in control of my response to them. The online sessions are a great way of bringing me back to centre.

Have you noticed paths opening up for you since starting treatments?

My Spiritual growth has deepened and i am being called to do more Ancestral work.

Is there anything else you would like to mention about your Chi Practitioner?

I have been having sessions for a number of years and whilst the sessions are now online that doesn’t deter from the impact of them. I believe that clearing my Chi has made improvements in my own experience here on Earth.

I have received sessions from both Master Ha and Françoise, both are very knowledgeable and experienced. I go to Incheol if I feel there is stuck energy that needs a more masculine approach, for all other sessions I choose Françoise.

Would you recommend Chi Therapy to others? Strongly agree

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