How would  you describe Chi Therapy to someone who has never had a treatment before?

It’s very relaxing and quite intense but in a good way .

Name of Chi Practitioner: Ruth Mitchell

Chi Therapy Sessions: Remote sessions via Skype/Telephone

How many treatments have you had so far? 6

What symptoms did you have before starting treatments?

Covid / tiredness / tightness in chest and on left hand side

How did you feel mentally and emotionally before starting treatments?

Drained and held

Have you tried other therapies for your symptoms?


How do you feel now after your treatments?

So much better. Clearer and lighter and have way more energy . More connected

Have you noticed paths opening up for you since starting treatments?

Yes …lots of positive paths opened up

Is there anything else you would like to mention about your Chi Practitioner?

Ruth was brilliant in helping me post Covid. I was very tired and struggling with energy levels. I had to return to work after 3 weeks off and Ruth really helped me to gather my strengths and release lots of blocked energy. The treatments were so powerful and relaxing too. She instinctively knows what is going on and tunes into the individual needs of the client. I felt so much better after one session. It was excellent. After several sessions I felt great. I would thoroughly recommend her.

Would you recommend Chi Therapy to others? Strongly agree