Name of Chi Practitioner: Ruth Mitchell

Chi Therapy Sessions: Remote sessions via Skype/Telephone

How many treatments have you had so far? 10

How do you feel now after your treatments?

Ruth has a truly amazing gift to detect and clear energy disturbances in the body which lead to physical and emotional ailments.

During my remote sessions Ruth made me feel completely at ease and explained the treatment process. Ruth was able to detect the lack of energy flow to my slipped disc and also picked up on kidney and digestion function. Ruth was able to help energy flow to the area of my slipped disc and sciatic nerve pain. The digestion and kidney low energy was due to working harder with the pain medication I was taking.

Each time I had a session I felt I could breathe again and sometimes emotional release. I felt I could breath again and a heaviness had been lifted. Having been recommended and felt first hand. The revitalising and uplifting change in my body energy levels helped my body heal.

I would highly recommend seeing Ruth if you are suffering from poor health or low energy levels. Thank you Ruth I don’t know where I would be without your kindness and amazing gift Jojo x