This course is led by experienced Chi Masters: Master Ha and Françoise Ha and is a monthly subscription based course spread over one year.

Each month new guidance and knowledge will be revealed to help you on your Chi journey and build your experience and Chi capacity.

During this course you will be guided how to create your own personal daily Chi practice e.g. 15 minutes, 30 minutes or one hour routines.

You will be given written guidelines and advice to help you structure your practice as well as audio and video guidance.

You will have access to Chi movement videos to help you clear blocked and negative Chi from your mind and body. You will learn slow Chi movements to help you recharge and rebalance your personal energies. You will be taught Chi Squares ® martial arts movements to clear negative Chi in and around you.

Chanting, its purposes and benefits will be introduced along with unique chants specific to the Shinsundochi ® method.

Meditation will also be addressed with advice to maximise its benefits whether using silent, guided or music based meditations.

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