Our Vision

“The Chi Zone is a place of beauty and peace. A space created by Incheol and Françoise Ha to help us connect to the brighter energies around us. To help those looking for renewed inspiration, understanding and direction to improve or even re-create their place in this world.

Through your personal experience we wish for you to realise the value of learning more about Chi and how to use Chi more effectively in your life. With this knowledge, you can start to clear connected and accumulated energies from body and mind. To clear the stress, tension and fatigue we accumulate both physically and emotionally over time. Together, we can work to bring brighter, stronger and clearer energy into your life and those you care about.

Life has many stages and its own lessons to teach each of us. No one person’s path is the same but we believe we will be guided to the right place for learning what we need to at the right time.”

Master Ha and Françoise photo

Françoise Ha and Incheol Ha, Founders of the Shinsundo Chi method

Our Story

Shinsundo Chi means “The path to bright life.”

Incheol Ha is a second generation Chi Master, following in the footsteps of his father before him. Both Incheol and Françoise have undertaken intensive Chi Master training in the mountains of South Korea in order to work in harmony and unity with the natural elements of this world.

Together they have brought this knowledge from the East to West. They have re-formulated and adapted the knowledge and practices of Chi philosophy to help people overcome the mental, emotional and physical challenges of daily life.

Incheol and Françoise wish to create brighter pathways for you and your family’s present and future. To support you to live brighter, stronger and happier lives.