energy lines

Issues may include:

Sports & Physical Injuries

Muscle & Joint Pain

Back Pain

Stress & Tension

Digestive Disorders

Headaches & Migraines

Depression & Emotional Health

Circulation & Blood Pressure

Fluid Retention

Anxiety & Insomnia

Post-Operative Recovery

Postpartum Recovery

Post-Illness Convalescence

Post-Viral Fatigue

Chronic Fatigue


Haven’t felt as good as this for years!

Sciatica all gone.

12 years of a problematic shoulder much better and getting better all the time.

(After a course of 5 treatments)

Nicki D.

Chi Therapy Client

Notice the signs and be pro-active

Physical & Emotional Health for Life Programmes

We specialise in creating workshops and programmes that help you to develop a greater awareness of the ‘help’ signals that your body and emotions give to you during your daily life.

We also teach you practical methods to interpret and manage these signals at an earlier stage to help prevent longer-term damage to your physical and mental health.

People of all ages can benefit from our P&E Health for Life workshops and programmes. We have specialist courses for youngsters, teens and adults.

We also have an online resource hub ‘My Chi Zone’ where you can access supporting videos and information 24/7 via our ‘Members Login’.

Chi Movement

Our P&E Health for Life Programmes

  • Help you become more aware of the signals and messages your body and emotions are giving you.
  • Give you a toolkit of practical options so you can be more pro-active for your health both in the short and longer-term.
  • Gain confidence in seeking help early-on and knowing where to seek help when needed.
  • Useful for those who feel they need further support to help them manage their physical/ mental health.
  • Useful for those who currently feel healthy and strong so they can become more aware in case of future issues.

In-Person or Zoom

Choose between either in-person or distance sessions via Zoom. This ability to work remotely can be essential when helping those who are self-isolating or recovering at home from illness.


Upcoming 6 Week P&E for Life Programmes

Start in week commencing 6th June 2022. £95 for 6 weekly 75 minutes sessions.

Thursdays 5.45pm – 7pm

Includes 24/7 online access to your personal ‘My Chi Zone’ account with programme specific videos and guidance.

Treatment photo
Client smiling


Symptoms: Confused, Anxious & Frustrated

by Jen S.

How would  you describe Chi Therapy to someone who has never had a treatment before?

A soothing experience once you get over your initial anxiety/nervousness at trying something new. It can release blocks that you didn’t know were there until they’re removed. I have always found that I have more clarity following a treatment.

How did you feel mentally and emotionally before your treatment?

I was feeling confused, anxious and frustrated with things that I have limited influence over.

How do you feel now after your treatment?

I’m feeling much calmer. Situations haven’t changed but I feel much more in control of my response to them. The sessions are a great way of bringing me back to centre.