The Chi Flow Class Chant with Audio

The Training Chant

First is the chanting section of the class.

Please sit comfortably either on a cushion on the floor or on a chair.

The Chi Master will play a soundtrack of the Chi Class Chunmoon called Sooryun Chunmoon (The Training Chant).

Please chant out loud and try to keep in sync with the soundtrack both rhythmically and melodically. You can view the chant text at the bottom of this page.

We chant Sooryun Chunmoon 5 times.

The aim of chanting these Korean sounds is to retune your energy antenna to bright Chi. It will help you release your connection to other energies and support you to de-stress and recharge during this class.

Master Ha Chanting

The below music player plays the Chi Flow Class Chant five times in a row.

The Training Class Text

We have translated the original Korean sounds into English phonetics for ease of learning.


You may find it useful to print a copy. Click the download link below to save/print a copy. Please keep it in a clean and tidy folder.