Shinsundo Chi Centre Chunmoon

Abilities to Support your Shinsundochi Centre

The Centre Chunmoon is a very special Chunmoon given to us by Chunsang Chunjoonim to help us open the door to humanity with bright abilities and brighter, kinder and more compassionate ways of living.

This Chunmoon is for the Centre Manager to chant to support the bright wishes of their Shinsundochi Centre. To bring bright abilities to clear blockages and obstacles in your way. To support you and all Ancestors and Descendants connected to your Centre to grow and live more brightly.

Please chant this Chunmoon regularly (at least once per week) in order to support your Centre with Chunsang Chunjoonim’s bright abilities.

Master Ha Chanting

The Centre Chunmoon Text

We have translated the original Korean sounds into English phonetics for ease of learning.


You may find it useful to print a copy. Click the download link below to save/print a copy. Please keep it in a clean and tidy folder.

English Translation


Click the below link to download and print: