Incheol Ha MCHP

Second Generation Chi Master & Chi Teacher

Second Generation Chi Master & Chi Teacher

Shinsundo Chi ® Founder & Director

Incheol became a Chi Master when searching for a greater understanding about the world and the impact of its natural forces on the lives of humanity. He trained intensively in the mountains of South Korea more than 25 years ago to learn how to live in harmony and unity with nature and its powerful energetic forces.

Incheol works internationally sharing his skills and knowledge to improve the health of people throughout the world. He also presents talks and workshops to help others manage the stresses and challenges of modern life with greater control and strength.

Over the years, Incheol has helped a wide-range of clients with a variety of health conditions, life and relationship blockages. He has a great understanding of the causes of illness and how to look after people for their better health and happiness. Incheol offers Chi Therapy sessions and leads the Chi Flow Movement & Meditation Classes, Chi Squares Classes, Chanting sessions and advanced Chi programmes.

Incheol also has a great personal interest in nature’s growth cycles. He cultivates avocado, mango and other plants from seed using both aquaculture and more conventional methods. He also cares for the aquariums at The Chi Zone and uses natural filtering and feeding methods wherever possible. His great skills in these areas mean we are often over-run with a large number of baby fishes and plants!

Incheol is a member of Complementary Health Practitioners and has professional liability insurance.

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