Improve your physical and mental
De-stress, clear pain, recharge and build your personal resilience in an ever changing world.
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Building resilient mental and physical health together.

The core of a happy and fulfilled life is good mental and physical health, and therefore building, maintaining and protecting this lies at the heart of everything we do.

Whatever your situation, wherever you are, we are here to help you take the next step forward.

We combine ancient knowledge fused with a practical approach designed for modern life.


Working together we can build brighter pathways for today and tomorrow.

Welcome to The Chi Zone in Poundbury, Dorset.

Led by Master Ha, second generation Chi Master from South Korea, our friendly and professional team is ready to help you become stronger physically and mentally.

We offer stress-busting and pain relieving Chi Therapy acupressure and sound treatments. And for more action, join us in a Chi Flow Chanting, Movement & Meditation Class or another of our revitalising Chi sessions.

We will show you how to clear, rebalance and reset your health using ancient knowledge fused with a practical approach designed for modern life. We can help you to feel stronger, clearer, brighter and more energised in yourself. Choose private or group sessions.

Join us at The Chi Zone either in-person or virtually via Zoom/Skype.

The Chi Zone is here for you. Book a revitalising treatment, join an energising class or book a one-to-one session. We have treatments and classes for all ages: babies, youngsters and adults.

Client smiling

Chi Therapy Clinic

Holistic physical and mental health support with Chi Acupressure Treatments.

1-1 Class

One-to-One Support

Personalised programmes to manage your mental and physical health either in-person or online.

Calm Your Mind, Strengthen Your Body

Chi in the Workplace

Wellbeing days, stress management sessions and executive programmes and workshops.

Françoise gathering Chi movement

In the Community & Schools

Tailored workshops and group sessions for your interest group.

Our Story

Master Ha is a second generation Chi Master, following in the footsteps of his father who inspired him to search for a greater understanding of the natural forces within nature and how they impact on the lives of humanity.

Master Ha undertook an intensive monastic style training in the mountains of South Korea in order to work in harmony and unity with the natural elements of this world.

Based now in the UK, Master Ha continues to dedicate his life for the betterment of humanity’s health and wellbeing. Together with his wife and fellow Chi Master, Françoise Ha, they have founded The Chi Zone and adapted the knowledge and practices of Chi philosophy to help people overcome the mental, emotional and physical challenges of life.

The Shinsundo Chi ® methodology underpins the work of The Chi Zone and is the framework which brings the ‘energy of the mountains’ to you, wherever you are.

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“When I walked into the The Chi Zone for the first time, the energy just hit me. A wall of energetic power. It is so strong, clear and peaceful.

You just don’t experience energy like that in normal daily life.

I understand what you’re working with when I walk into this amazing space!”


Chi Flow Classes Member

The Chi Zone
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Our Latest Newsletter

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22 April 2022

What We Do

Our Sessions

Each therapy, class or course uses varying techniques to stimulate the movement of Chi in your life.

Chi Therapy Clinic

Release stress, pain and fatigue naturally. Hands on Acupressure & Sound Treatments or virtually via Zoom/Skype. Read more…


Chi Flow Classes

De-stress, rebalance and recharge for improved physical and emotional health. Focusing on developing your mind-body-energy connection, we teach a variety of slow Chi movements designed to clear negative energy from body and mind and recharge with bright, positive Chi. Read more…

Chi Zone for Youngsters/Teens

Half-termly programmes for youngsters and teens aged 7-18 years to learn how to clear, rebalance and better control their physical and mental energies using Chi movements and sound. Find out more…

Women's Chi Wellness

Specialised prenatal, postnatal and menopausal support. Read more…


Shinsun Yoga Classes

A unique approach using traditional Yoga practices and assists, together with the energising power of Chi. Read more…


Energy Link Programmes

In-depth courses tailored to brightening the energy in your life or someone close to you. Can enable deep clearing and re-focusing. Find out more…



We offer a variety of workshops to give you access to more in-depth and personalised Chi experiences with the support of experienced Chi Master Practitioners. Find out more…


Online Courses

Login to ‘My Chi Zone’ anytime to view Chi movement videos or listen to Chi music to calm and clear your energy. Plus benefit from extra useful online articles and resources. Read more…

Our classes and specialist programmes are suitable for beginners through to practitioner level.

Choose from one-to-one or group sessions subject to advance booking and availability. Please enquire for further details.

People @ The Chi Zone

You are in safe hands with our experienced, qualified & insured Practitioners

The Chi Zone is led by husband and wife team Master Ha (Incheol Ha) and Françoise Ha. We wish to open the door to people to the life-changing benefits of working with the natural, invisible energies that support this world, nature and humanity (otherwise known as Chi).

We offer Chi Acupressure Therapies, Chi Flow Movement & Meditation Classes, Chi Workshops, Chanting, music inspired wellbeing sessions and online courses.

We also work with a great support team of Independent Practitioners who integrate Chi into their own practices, such as Women’s Chi Wellness and Shinsun Yoga.

Our Practitioners belong to various professional member organisations including Complementary Health Professionals (CHP) and the Incorporated Society of Musicians (ISM) and follow their Code of Ethics. You can view each Practitioner’s experience and professional memberships in their personal biographies.


energy lines


Haven’t felt as good as this for years!

Sciatica all gone.

12 years of a problematic shoulder much better and getting better all the time.

(After a course of 5 treatments)

 Nicki D.

Post Covid symptoms

Ruth was brilliant in helping me post Covid. I was very tired and struggling with energy levels. I had to return to work after 3 weeks off and Ruth really helped me to gather my strengths and release lots of blocked energy.

The treatments were so powerful and relaxing too. She instinctively knows what is going on and tunes into the individual needs of the client. I felt so much better after one session. It was excellent. After several sessions I felt great. I would thoroughly recommend her.

Alison D.

Musculoskeletal Issue

I initially started Chi Therapy to work on a musculoskeletal issue that wasn’t being fixed through other treatments or stretching.

A couple of days after the first session the pain began to ease and by the end of the second it was gone. Amazing.

It’s the most extraordinary type of treatment. If you’re open and receptive it’s like being plugged into source energy to recharge.

I definitely recommend it.

Clare G.

Acupressure connections

I know about pressure points. It is incredible and amazing! You touched everyone of them… You’ve woken something.

I felt connected to the whole power of the universe. As a human race we are incredible and anything that helps that, you are a conduit for that; universal energy, truth and power. The universe was tingling.

Explosive – awed by it.

Becky R.

practical applications

Build Your Personal Chi Zone Toolkit for Life

The Chi Zone and its Practitioners are here to help you feel healthier, stronger and brighter in yourself.

Our Chi Classes and Courses can teach you how to manage your health more holistically and beneficially for you.

Choose from the techniques you learn to create your own personalised toolkit for better health. New knowledge equals new routines and pathways.


Practical applications and solutions for daily life.


Opportunities to open new paths going forward.

Energy Connections & Interlinking Networks

People are connected. We are all part of a community.

This means that as we change our energy and become stronger, happier and healthier, we can have more positive impacts on those around us. We can in turn help other people feel brighter, happier and more motivated e.g. our family, colleagues and our friends.

People grow as individuals when they have the support from others to help and guide them. At The Chi Zone we are here to help you grow stronger and brighter so you can better support those around you, those who rely on you and those who you care for.


Look after yourself so you feel better.


Look after yourself so you can care for others better too.