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Every individual comes to us for help with their own specific set of needs. Incheol and Françoise are very experienced in addressing the underlying issus, including supporting those who are emotionally worn out and fatigued.

For all our therapy sessions we require a Health Questionnaire to be completed prior to your appointment. The information you supply will guide your treatment session. The questionnaire will be referred to during the consultation at the beginning of the session and feedback at the end of the session.


In-Person or Zoom

Choose either in-person or distance sessions via Zoom, Skype or telephone. This ability to work remotely can be essential when helping clients who live further away or are recovering at home from illness.

More about the therapies we offer

Chi Therapy is a holistic body and mind approach originating from the mountains of South Korea using acupressure and sound. In the East for more than 5,000 years, there have been people dedicated to working with nature’s energy to support the better health and wellbeing of others.

Here at The Chi Zone you can make an appointment to clear, rebalance and recharge your energy levels with an experienced Korean-trained Chi Master Practitioner: Incheol Ha or Françoise Ha.

Chi Therapy in action Chi Therapy in action

Chi Acupressure Therapy can help with:

Sports & physical injuries, muscle & joint pain, back pain, stress & tension, digestive disorders, headaches & migraines, circulation & blood pressure, pregnancy, post-natal recovery, anxiety & insomnia, depression & emotional health, bereavement, impact of life events…

What is Chi Therapy?

A full body Chi Acupressure Therapy session is a fully clothed, sound and acupressure energy treatment which aims to clear and brighten personal energy levels.

The Chi Practitioner uses a special breathing technique to transmit energy through sound as well as using acupressure to work on the individual’s energy meridian system. Unblocking and opening the energy meridian channels aids the Practitioner to rebalance and recharge your energy levels.

A full body session allows your Practitioner to review your whole energy system. They can focus on areas they sense need special attention and then guide Chi throughout the whole body.

A course of Chi sessions aims to cumulatively clear and strengthen your physical and mental energy, helping to release stress, pain and fatigue and is recommended in order to achieve the best results.

For Babies, Youngsters and Teenagers

Chi Therapy can help to release tension and stress from babies and youngsters’ bodies and help calm their mental energies.

Babies and youngsters can pick up a lot of stress and negative energy from their early experiences – including the birth process – and surrounding environments. They can be very vulnerable energetically which can have knock-on effects onto their physical and mental resilience and overall health and strength as they grow.

Shocks to their system which are not cleared and rebalanced early on can have long-term effects on both their physical and mental health and capabilities as an individual. Early support and intervention may prevent these longer term effects developing and help support their natural healing and personal energetic balance. Young people can also feel anxious about returning to school, managing workloads and studying for exams. Chi Therapy can help calm their mental energies and support them to manage these stresses better.

The EMMETT Technique is a unique form of body relaxation therapy for both people and animals, involving the application of light finger pressure at specific points. 

The EMMETT Technique was developed and has evolved over the years by Ross Emmett.

It uses muscle release techniques to release tension and stress in muscles so that the body can realign and rebalance naturally. Results are usually immediate although it may take longer for the full benefits to be processed by the body.

Click here to read more about this method on the official UK EMMETT Technique website.

EMMETT Technique Logo

Spiral Stabilization exercises and manual therapy are used for treatment of back pain including non-surgical treatment of disc herniation, treatment of failed back surgery syndrome and to help stabilise the gait after hip joint surgery.

The Spiral Stabilization method was developed in the Czech Republic (Prague) by an expert in myoskeletal medicine, Dr Richard Smisek 40 years ago. He has successfully treated thousands of patients suffering from spine-related pain in the lower back, chest and neck areas. As well as those with acute disc prolapses and scoliosis.

Spiral Stabilization re-trains the physical body and its muscular structure to work more fluidly and as nature intended. It can be very effective for relieving back pain both pre- and post-disc operation as well as improve overall postural imbalances.

Spiral Stabilization exercises and manual therapy can also help prevent de-generation of conditions for those with postural issues and replacement joints.

Spiral Stablization exercises and manual therapy build a healthy spine by releasing tightness in the spine and vertical muscle chains. It also strengthens weaknesses and encourages activity in the spiral muscle chains. It is an effective preventative health programme for all ages, including children and athletes. It is suitable during all stages of pregnancy subject to exercise modification.

Muscle Chains - spiralMuscle Chains - vertical

Causes of Back PainCompression of disc


Spiral ChainsSpiral Chains

Thank you to to the Spiral Stabilization rehabilitation clinic in Prague for the provision of some of the images on this page.

Click here to read more about the Spiral Stablization method on the official UK website.

Information Videos

The benefits of Chi Therapy

Testimonial by Lisa

Chi Therapy for children

Calmer with Greater Clarity

It is a soothing experience once you get over your initial anxiety/ nervousness at trying something new.

Chi Therapy can release blocks that you didn’t know were there until they’re removed.

I’m feeling much calmer. Before, I was feeling confused, anxious and frustrated. Situations haven’t changed but I feel much more in control of my response to them. The online sessions are a great way of bringing me back to centre.

I have always found that I have more clarity following a treatment.


Business Consultant

Relief of Pain

Following our appointment I experienced complete relief from my neck pain and soreness.


Teacher, 37 weeks pregnant

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