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Business Support & Consultancy

Here at The Chi Zone, we offer consultancy services to businesses and organisations seeking to improve employee health and satisfaction; to boost employee morale. The human mind and body can be resilient up to a point but accumulations can cause health issues longer-term and force a tipping point. Employee absence and sickness can also cost a business thousands of pounds each year in lost productivity and associated costs. It can ultimately lose you a valued and experienced employee(s) if they are not able to return to work. Their absence can deeply affect your business’ level of customer service and satisfaction, potentially leading to lower sales and lower employee morale.

Being pro-active as a business by looking after your employees is an investment in your greatest asset, and protects and reduces your future risk as a business. The actions of an organisation affect the messages – and energy – they send out as an organisation and the impact they have on this world, whether positive or negative. The Chi Zone works with businesses to support stronger business and employee health both in the short and longer term. It is a responsibility to manage people. It is also a great opportunity where you have the chance to influence and improve people’s lives, for both your employees and your customers.

We are passionate about helping employees improve their mental and physical health using natural techniques and methodologies that work in harmony with our mind, body and nature. We offer various options available to manage the mental stress and the physical challenges of life including wellbeing days, stress management sessions and executive programmes and workshops. A combination of in-person and online solutions can be an effective way to manage employee health, stress levels and workplace satisfaction.

The Chi Zone supports businesses and organisations to look at their organisational structure, processes and people to see what they can do better to support greater and brighter energy flow within (and without). We provide practical solutions and guidance to clear physical and energetic blockages within the organisation, helping it to become a brighter and happier place to work. The health of your people affects your business health and as they become stronger, so too does your business.

We offer tailored on-site therapy sessions, Chi exercise sessions and online wellbeing programmes for your staff.

Françoise Ha, Chi Practitioner and Energy Flow Specialist leads our consultancy reviews and programmes.

Françoise has wide-ranging corporate experience at Cazenove, Morgan Stanley and the John Lewis Partnership as well as over 15 years in the health industry. Her qualifications include BSc in Business Adminstration from the University of Bath, LCGI in Retail Management and LTCL Teaching Diploma.

Business Consultancy & Wellbeing Solutions

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