Your Energetic Connections

Brighten Your Family Tree

Feeling unsettled… fearful…angry and can’t control how you feel?

Too many ups and downs in your life? Paths blocked?

Know there’s something affecting you but not quite sure what to do?

Incheol and Françoise Ha have created deep-reaching Energy Links Programmes (ELP) at The Chi Zone to release the energetic connections and imprints from the past which continue to affect our lives and the lives of our families today.

We can help you understand how the actions of previous generations and ancestors (not just your own) can affect and influence your current day health and success. Discover how to reduce the impact of the negative connections and consequences and how to build on the positive for a happier and more fulfilling life.

There is a range of programmes to choose from depending on your personal circumstances and goals.

Starter ELP

Two main programmes to choose from: Pain Release or Growth Phase.

These are 8 Days Chanting programmes with specialist support.

Individual programmes can be repeated for greater and deeper effects. Françoise and Incheol can advise on your personal circumstances.

Progression ELP

Tailored programmes.

Experienced, Specialist Support

Incheol and Françoise have created these Energy Links Programmes to help you become stronger and more resilient both emotionally and physically. They can be joined either in-person, online or via a  combined approach:

  • These are unique courses created by Incheol and Françoise to help you better manage the negative energetic and emotional interference from others
  • A clearing, re-building and progressive process for your improved energetic, emotional and physical health
  • Learn tools to help you navigate the challenges of daily life more positively and effectively
  • Develop a greater understanding of the external influences on your emotional and physical health and how to better manage them
  • Instructors are experienced Chi Master Practitioners trained in the mountains of South Korea.
  • Direct support from Incheol and Françoise either in-person, via email or Zoom.

From Burnout to Peace & Clarity

I found the Chi Zone a few months ago after experiencing a burn out and looking for mental, physical and spiritual support on the road to recovery.

From the moment I walked into the Chi Zone, I felt instantly welcomed, brighter and a sense of knowing that things were going to be ok. I am so grateful for the beautiful space that Françoise and Incheol have created. After several treatments along with regular chanting and chi classes, I began to feel brighter, calmer and clearer.

During a workshop with Françoise I learnt about how by supporting our ancestors we can help ourselves and ancestors to heal and grow. I became inspired to support ancestors through the ancestral chanting programme and have recently completed my 4th programme – it has been an incredible journey. Not only have I noticed personal growth, but I have seen growth for my family too.

There were some challenges along the way, but with each programme it became easier to navigate through. I continue to chant regularly at the Chi Zone and find so much peace and clarity during, and after the sessions. Thank you both for your continued love, kindness, and support.



Clear the past ~ Rebuild the now ~ Brighten your future

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