Sphere of Energy Links

Informative Seminar

Find out about Energy LInk Theory and what it means for you.


Open DIscussion

We will discuss the concepts raised as a group and how we may be affected as individuals.

I have always been interested in personal development. I am not a religious person but I do feel that there is something out there.

I wanted to discover this for myself as I am a very independent, individual person and I have found the ambiance and environment of The Chi Zone to be a real aid to me connecting more deeply with myself.

Sophie C.

Chi Classes Member

Change your Recurring Life Patterns

Energy Links Workshop

This one and-a-half hour workshop explains Energy Links Theory and how past events and the associated created energies can continue to affect our lives both in the present and the future.

Energy Link Theory

Why does history repeat itself so often?

What is causing similar events to happen again and again in human life?

Why do the same things happen to the same person / group of people?

Energy Link Theory looks at the energy from past events and human actions that feed through from the past to the present day. This energy doesn’t just disappear. The resulting energy becomes an actuality in time and becomes part of an energy timeline.

We will discuss what is an energy timeline, how one is created and what we can do to address its impacts going forward.

Understanding how to impact these energy lines is very important when trying to change our life for the better. Otherwise we can be blocked or restricted when trying to make changes in our life.

Course Instructor

The Energy Links Workshops are led by Françoise Ha, an experienced and qualified teacher and Chi Practitioner.

Françoise is a member of Complementary Health Professionals and the Incorporated Society of Musicians and has professional liability insurance.

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Upcoming Energy Links Workshops

Join Françoise Ha in-person at The Chi Zone in Poundbury or via Zoom for this 1 and-a-half hours session of discovery.

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