How we feel and how others behave and react is not just about what we as an individual decide to do. It is also about other energies and how they connect to us and influence us. It is not just about how much control we have over our emotions and thinking. What we feel is also affected by external energetic influence and how strong or weak it is.

Incheol and Françoise understand the deep effects that energetic connections can have on our daily life and cumulatively over the history of our life. We have created programmes to clear, neutralise and brighten these energy links and associated blocks to enable you to live a life with more freedom, strength and control of yourself and the world around you.

We offer a variety of 8 days programmes to start clearing the emotions and pain of connected ancestors, who can have profound effects on us, our children and future generations. Click below to find out more about our Energy Links Programmes and how we can start to clear the pain and karma of the past with our focused effort and bright intention.

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