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These Chi courses are led by experienced Chi Master Practitioners.

These programmes can help you sustain motivation and focus to help you clear, rebalance and recharge your personal energies.

Courses led by Incheol Ha and Françoise Ha

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Name of CourseChi Zone for Young People 5 Week Programme
Short Description of CourseDe-stress, recharge & calm through movement and meditation
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Details of Course

For young people aged 9-14 years to learn how to clear, rebalance and control their physical and mental energies using Chi movements and sound. Natural techniques are taught to de-stress and recharge.

We also welcome parent/guardian participation in this class alongside their child should they wish. In this case, please book and pay for a space for both child and adult. This can be a very positive way to improve both child and adult’s health and rebalance energies together.

Françoise Ha leads these sessions teaching slow Chi movements and more dynamic non-contact Chi martial arts.
Students will learn Chi movements, sequences of Chi Squares ® (non-contact martial arts movements), breathing exercises and meditation. Live pianoscapes (music) wil be used to help relax, clear and rebalance mind and body. Students will also be guided to use their voice and sound to encourage relaxation and inner growth.

Course Tutor(s)
  • Françoise Ha
  • The Chi Zone in Poundbury
Maximum Number of Students6
Appropriate for:
  • Beginner Level
  • Intermediate Level
Day of the WeekSaturdays
Duration of Course5 Weeks
Start DateSaturday 5 November 2022
Course Start Time09:15 AM
Course End Time10:00 AM
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