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These Chi courses are led by experienced Chi Master Practitioners.

These programmes can help you sustain motivation and focus to help you clear, rebalance and recharge your personal energies.

Courses led by Incheol Ha and Françoise Ha

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Name of CourseAncestral Chanting Programme
Short Description of CourseRelease energetic connections and imprints from the past which continue to affect your life today
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Details of Course

Join one week of special chanting to clear and brighten Ancestral energy that connects to you. With the support of Chi Masters, you will release energetic connections and imprints from the past which continue to affect your life today.

The programme works in two phases:
1) Release pain from Ancestors
2) Grow Ancestors and Descendants brightness

Phases 1 and 2 are standalone programmes but we recommend completing both parts for maximum benefit. Start with either the Pain Release phase or the Growth phase depending on your preference. Please speak to Françoise Ha, Chi Master Practitioner, should you wish further guidance on 0330 1331 034.
Your role is as active as you choose. Chi Masters will advise and support you during this process to help you create positive impacts for you and your Ancestors. There will be two group chanting ceremonies plus further opportunities to join Chi Master chanting during this programme either in-person or via Zoom.

You will have online access to the chants during this programme so you can chant daily to support Ancestors with bright Chi. Plus an online Chi Journal where you can record your experiences and reflect on your personal journey.

To summarise, this programme helps brighten the energetic influences which have been affecting your life so far. To help you break free from repetitive negative energetic patterns and build more positive energetic pathways for a brighter and happier life.

Course Tutor(s)
  • Incheol Ha
  • Françoise Ha
  • The Chi Zone in Poundbury
  • Via Zoom
  • Online Course
Appropriate for:
  • Beginner Level
  • Intermediate Level
  • Advanced Level
Online Course MaterialsYes included
Duration of Course8 Days
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