Chi Squares ®


Created by Incheol Ha & Françoise Ha

Life is Better with Chi Squares ®

Welcome to the home of Chi Squares.

Chi Squares are non-contact martial arts movements to physically clear and rebalance mind and body swiftly and effectively.

As simple or as advanced as you want to make it.

Where will Chi Squares take you?

How far will you go with Chi Squares?


5 - 10 minutes per day

Yes, once you have learnt a sequence of Chi Squares even just 5-10 minutes per day practice can be super effective in clearing and recharging your energy levels.

Calm your mind

Improve Co-ordination

We lead with both the right and then the left hand sides of the body to improve your mind-body co-ordination.

Build Strength

The continuous moving of the body through each sequence of Chi Squares supports muscle strength and toning.

Calm Your Mind

Body and mind co-exist. Physical movement together with mental focus work to improve your mental health.

Clear Stress

Start moving with Chi Squares to clear the stress from the day and the stresses other people have thrown at you.

Improve Agility

The wide-ranging scope of Chi Square movements improves mobility, flexibility and agility naturally.

Faster Reflexes

By clearing blocked and negative Chi from both body and mind you free your senses and reactions to work more intuitively.

“You know when you are just so tired you just want to sit on the sofa and do nothing.

But I started doing Chi Squares and I could actually feel energetically different. I could feel I was shifting my energy and feeling much brighter.

I felt like a new person.”


Chi Classes Member

Incheol and Françoise Ha teach one hour classes mainly focused on Chi Squares.

They also teach Chi Squares as one element of a Shinsundo Chi Class.

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