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Chi Movement

Deepen your mind-body connections

Incheol Ha and Françoise Ha have adapted these Chi Classes from the Chi practices of Chi Masters. To help people learn how to better manage the negative energy in their daily lives. To provide practical solutions and support when navigating life’s everyday stresses and challenges.


Clear & recharge both physically & mentally

We teach a variety of slow Chi movements – called Chi Steps – designed to clear negative energy from body and mind and recharge with bright, positive Chi.

These are the original Shinsundochi Classes which aim to re-align our energy antenna to tune to brighter and more peaceful energy levels, to open up and clear blocked energy channels and to recharge energy levels both physically and mentally.

Improve co-ordination, agility and build strength

We also teach Chi Squares which are more dynamic movements that aim to clear negative energy within and around us in an efficient period of time.

Take control of your physical and emotional health

Shinsundo Chi Classes

Shinsundo Chi Classes are one element of the Shinsundochi method. Please click here to read more about the Shinsundo Chi philosophy and its origins.

Shinsundo Chi Classes support you to create greater calm, positivity and zest for life. To help you feel brighter and happier about yourself physically and emotionally.

I started with a free lesson in Chi Flow on the Great Field, having never tried Tai Chi or Chi Flow before.  I loved having the wind and trees around me. 

I am now going to weekly Shinsundo Chi Classes in the studio.  I wanted the discipline of a weekly class and a sense of progression.  The atmosphere and setting are peaceful and engaging, as are Incheol Ha and my classmates. 

For me it is about movement and exercise but I also enjoy the chanting and meditation at either end of the class.


Chi Classes Member

Take time to look after yourself

Setting aside one hour each week to focus on yourself and your wellbeing and health can prove very beneficial.

Sometimes we need a calm space and time where we can release pent up stress and emotions, recharge energy and refocus our priorities and further develop our personal vision for our life.

Play the video below to listen to Incheol Ha talk about Chi Classes and their benefits.

Format of a class

We start the session with chanting to connect to bright energy.

Then we learn Chi movements to move energy around and within our body; otherwise known as Chi Steps. These movements can be modified according to an individual’s capabilities as needed.

Next, we learn a more dynamic Chi Square ® martial arts movement to clear energy within and around us. Click here to read more about the benefits of Chi Squares.

Finally we finish with a calming and clearing meditation.

1-1 Class
Master Ha and client meditating

One-One Sessions

One-to-one sessions allow us to focus on your priorities and vary the format and content of the session according to your physical capabilities and personal interests.

A one hour session costs £55 either in-person at The Chi Zone or online via Zoom. We also include an online Introduction to Chi Classes short course when you book your first 1-1 session so you can maximise the benefits of your Chi Classes from the very beginning.

Plus, videos of the Chi Movements covered during each 1-1 session will be made available online in your personal learning account ‘My Chi Zone’.

SAVE £50 when you book a course of 5 personal Chi sessions for £225.

Please call us on 0330 1331 034 for further details or send us a message.


Shinsundo Chi Classes and one-to-one sessions are led by either Incheol Ha or Françoise Ha, experienced and qualified Chi Masters and Chi Teachers.

They are both members of Complementary Health Professionals and have professional liability insurance.

Shinsundo Chi Group Classes Schedule

Join us in-person at The Chi Zone in Poundbury for a course of sessions. Group sessions run every half-term with a maximum of 4 people per class. Master Ha or Françoise Ha lead each class depending on their availability and scheduling.


1.30pm - 2.30pm Tuesdays and Thursdays


7pm - 8pm Thursdays

Or join us online via Zoom for £10 per session. Packages are also available to include access to online resources and videos to support home practice.


1.30pm - 2.30pm Tuesdays and Thursdays

Future Scheduling of Class Days & Times

We review the timings of our classes each term.

Please call us on 0330 1331 034 or send us a message should you be interested in attending a class on an alternative day/time.