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Chanting takes me back to my younger self. When I felt free and innocent.


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One-to-one Chanting Sessions

We also offer tailored 1-1 Chanting tuition to support your greater understanding, progress and application of chanting. Please contact us to book.

Using Sound & Voice to Transform

Chanting Classes

Chanting regularly and with focus can help you transform the outcomes in your life.

For Greater Calm & Focus

Chanting sessions can help you to calm your mental energy as well as open up your main energy centres so Chi can flow more freely and in balance throughout your body.

During term-time we offer a regular timetable of 30 minutes  Chi Melodic Chanting sessions which include a short meditation at the end.

These Chi sessions focus on how we use our voice and sound to move Chi. We become more aware of our breathing, the rhythm, melody and harmony of the chants and singing together in unison.

Chanting for an extended period complements and enhances the benefits of the Chi Flow Movement & Meditation Classes. The perfect partnership for mind-body harmony and balance.

Course Instructor

The Chanting Classes are led by Incheol Ha, an experienced and qualified Chi Master and Chi Teacher.

Master Ha


Group Chanting Classes Schedule

Join Master Ha either in-person at The Chi Zone in Poundbury or online via Zoom for £6 per session.



Standard Chanting 12.45pm – 1.15pm

Standard Chanting 6pm – 6.30pm



Standard Chanting  6pm – 6.30pm



Standard Chanting 12.45pm – 1.15pm

Advanced Chanting 7pm- 7.45pm

Future Scheduling of Class Days & Times

We review the timings of our classes each term.

Please call us on 0330 1331 034 or send us a message should you be interested in attending a class on an alternative day/time.