Online Chi Programmes

Here is a selection of our current online programmes. Please contact us to find out more about our upcoming online courses and advanced programmes.

Plant in hand

Chi Class Home Practice

Be supported in a bright and nurturing environment. Follow a daily Chi routine for maximum growth.

Chi Flow Movement

Chi Flow at Home: Routine 1

Clear negative energies and build your Chi strength and stability every day with this daily Chi Flow routine.

Chi Therapy Session

Chi Therapy: Fast, Clear & Recharge

Clear, recharge and calm your physical and mental energies anytime with Incheol Ha, Chi Master.



2mins-6mins quick exercises or music to de-stress, clear, recharge or calm. Transform how you are feeling now!

Group Meditating

Discover Chi Workshop

Learn a sequence of Chi movements you can practise anytime anywhere.

Brighten your Family Tree

Energy Links Programme

Clear and brighten your energy connections during this eight days of special chanting.

Chanting in a group

Intro to Chanting Workshop

Online resources and chants post-workshop to further support the development of your chanting practice.