Ancestral Pathways

Clear the past.

 Rebuild the now.

Brighten your future.

Ancestral Hierarchy

If you add it up, that’s a lot of Ancestors.

How much hardship, how much heartache, how much unfilled potential, how much grief, poverty, addiction, illness, how much happiness, how many love stories, how many expressions of hope for the future did your Ancestors have to undergo for you to exist in this present moment?

We understand that the energy from past events and human actions feed through from the past to the present day. This energy doesn’t just disappear and can affect our present day lives.

We look at intergenerational trauma from an energetic perspective. We work to clear the path forward for a brighter present and future for both you and your loved ones.

At The Chi Zone, Master Ha and Françoise Ha have created unique Ancestral Pathway programmes to release the energetic connections and imprints from the past, which continue to affect our lives and the lives of our families today.

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